IDO 2020
Goethe Institut

IDO 2020

The Internationale Deutscholympiade (IDO) is the world's largest German-language contest, organised every two years by the Goethe-Institut. Over 160 students from more than 60 countries travel to Germany to participate in this prestigious competition. The IDO spans several days and includes various activities that provide participants with a deeper insight into German culture. I had the honor of being invited by the Goethe-Institut to design the event media for the IDO 2020 event in Dresden, and later on for the 2022 event in Hamburg and 2024 event in Göttingen.
Project Details
6 Weeks


IDO 2020

Attract sponsors and inspire students

The primary objective of the campaign was to attract sponsors and motivate students from around the world to participate in the IDO. The slogan "Dabei Sein!" (or "Be there!") served as the centrepiece of the campaign, inviting participants to visit Dresden and be a part of this cultural event.

To create the key visual, I traveled to Dresden at the project's inception to capture photographs of the city's prominent landmarks and gain a better understanding of the event's location. These images were later arranged in a vibrant collage.

Several important criteria were considered throughout the project, including the values of the Goethe-Institut and the Internationale Deutscholympiade, adherence to corporate design guidelines, a keen understanding of the international target audience, incorporation of references to Dresden, sustainable production of promotional materials, and ensuring high-quality digital and print media.

Efforts were made to find the most cost-efficient production options while maintaining a maximum of three producers for the 40 media items. Additionally, securing the right to reproduce and distribute the materials in large quantities was a crucial consideration.


Crafting a Cohesive Event Experience

The process of arriving at the final design involved a series of playful explorations. We experimented with photo collages and graphical elements to find the most fitting design. Ultimately, we opted to maintain consistency with the language used in the previous two IDO events, ensuring a strong and instantly recognisable event identity.

Once the key visual was finalised, I proceeded to create the remaining marketing materials. This encompassed adapting the logo, designing items such as t-shirts, tote bags, pen cases, pens, pins, stickers, posters, banners, beach flags, photo walls, awards, sign-up forms, notebooks, press folders, invitation cards, web banners, social media posts, and more.

I've researched printing solutions, connected with manufacturers and print shops, and made sure that all designs were printed in the best quality, cost efficient and sustainable.

Our goal was to create an inviting and connected atmosphere for participants. Additionally, we aimed for the gifts and promotional items to serve as lasting reminders of the event, promoting Goethe-Institut around the world, and fostering a connection with the participants for years to come.


Inspiring students from all over the world

The Goethe-Institut extended invitations to over 160 students from over 60 countries to travel to Dresden and participate in the competition. This cultural event serves as a platform for youth from five different continents to come together, interact, forge connections, and establish friendships.

Being able to apply my design skills and contribute to such a remarkable event was a tremendous honour. It was a privilege to play a part in creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for the participants, enabling them to connect and celebrate their shared passion for the German language and culture.


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