Art Director, Designer & Artist

Alina is an independent art director, graphic designer, and artist based in Berlin. She collaborates with clients in the arts and culture sector, including film festivals, music festivals and venues, music labels, event planners, museums, galleries, educational event planners, event agencies, and other cultural organizations. Her client roster features the European Film Academy, Goethe-Institut, We Are Museums, Climate-KIC, Marvol Gallery, Bullitt Agency, Audiolith Music Label, among many others.

Since launching her design practice in 2017, Alina has expanded her network to include skilled and experienced graphic, web, and motion designers, as well as web developers, photographers, videographers, and copywriters.
This is me dancing my name. If you know, you know.
Drop it low, scroll to the flow

Selected arts & culture clients

Audiolith, Hamburg
Bachstelzen, Berlin
Brown Alley, Melbourne
Bullitt Agency, Washington, D.C.
Chalet Club, Berlin
Climate-KIC, London
Deep Secrets, Washington, D.C.
Dj T., Berlin
Goethe-Institute, Munich
Extra Butter, New York
Factory, Berlin
Ipse, Berlin
Jung Society, Washington D.C.
Marvol Gallery, Cape Town
Medudoc, Berlin
Merkwürdig, Vienna
Nomads Only Booking, New York
Pusher, LA
Sonic Canvas, Berlin
Spule Music, Berlin
Suicide Circus, Berlin
18th Street Lounge, Washington, D.C.
Taiga Contemporary, Chicago
Tamper meets Jigger, Berlin
TBA Club, New York
Under Radar, San Salvador
U Street Music Hall, Washington, D.C.
Warehouse, Washington, D.C.
We Are Museums, Berlin
Will Eastman, Washington, D.C.  
Ziegelsaal im Docks, Hamburg
9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.  
We Are Museums, Berlin
when it all began

Creation, team work, joy & celebration

When I was just a wee 4-year-old, my mom bundled me up in a thick fur coat, a fur hat, and wool blankets, and pulled me on a sled through the snowy streets to my very first drawing class. As I sat there, snowflakes falling onto my eyelashes and obscuring my vision, passer-by's transformed into a surreal and eerie shapes. I was unsure what to expect from this class. When we arrived at the teacher's apartment, to my pleasant surprise, a scent of freshly baked cake filled my nose. Other children sat around a table, welcoming me with big smiles, and to my delight, the whole class was about decorating cakes and enjoying a lovely tea time together. It was in that moment, surrounded by other kids, with us decorating the cake, I knew what life is about: creation, team work, joy and celebration. As we discussed which colourful sprinkles and creams to use, an empty surface transformed into something wildly and beautifully otherworldly. Creating something out of nothing, watching our ideas come to life, and sharing the experience with others was pure magic to me. On the way home, I looked out at the snowy white panorama through a different lens – an endless world, and a life full of possibilities to create.This is the joy I want to share with you. Every new project, each new collaboration is an opportunity for magic and celebration 😋

art DIRECTOR & Designer

ALINA HOLTMANN Studio, berlin
2017 - Now


2022 - 2023


2013 - 2016

design shop manager

studiocoucou, berlin
2014 - 2016

architectural designer

nps tchoban voss, berlin
2012 - 2013

masters of architecture

wentworh institute of technology, boston

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