Bringing people together through shared art & cultural experiences.

The challange:

Catching & keeping your audiences' attention.

Do you feel that:
  • Your current marketing tactics don't seem to be working
  • You want to build better brand awareness through your event
  • Not enough event attendance or engagement
  • You struggle to persuade your sponsors to support your event
  • You are worried about timely delivery of promotional media
  • You don't know much about the design and printing process

Build a strong event brand.

Hi, I am Alina,

I help event planners, like you, build brand presence before, during and after the event. I realise how much work it is to organise an event, whether live or online, and I am here to take the marketing media design, production and delivery off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best: creating the best experience for your attendees, while inspiring your team and engaging your sponsors.

Graphic and web design services for the arts and culture sector.

I work with cultural organisations, museums, galleries, music venues, party promoters, educational event planners, event agencies, social initiatives & movement starters.

Berlin Studio.
International Work.

I am based in Berlin, and I work with clients from all over the world, from Europe, US, Russia, South Africa, Australia even from El Salvador! So you don't have to worry about time zones, nor your deadlines being met.

To bring people together through shared art & cultural experiences.

I was born in Siberia, grew up in Moscow, Germany and the U.S. I moved to Berlin in 2011, and always found it easiest to connect with people through shared art, music and cultural experiences.

My mission is, to help cultures be understood, musicians to be heard, and for creativity and quirkiness to be celebrated.

Client Testimonial
“Creative, well organised with perfect time management.”

"It was a pleasure to work with Alina! She is not only creative, but also very well organised with perfect time management. She conducts research and responds to the wishes of the artists in order to generate the best possible synergies."

Molly Mönch
Head of Label
Audiolith International GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Selected art and culture clients.

Audiolith, Hamburg
Bachstelzen, Berlin
Brown Alley, Melbourne
Bullitt Agency, Washington, D.C.
Chalet Club, Berlin
Climate-KIC, London
Deep Secrets, Washington, D.C.
Dj T., Berlin
Goethe-Institute, Munich
Extra Butter, New York
Factory, Berlins.
Ipse, Berlin
Jung Society, Washington D.C.
Marvol Gallery, Cape Town
Medudoc, Berlin
Merkwürdig, Vienna
Nomads Only Booking, New York
Pusher, LA
Sonic Canvas, Berlin
Spule Music, Berlin
Suicide Circus, Berlin
18th Street Lounge, Washington, D.C.
Taiga Contemporary, Chicago
Tamper meets Jigger, Berlin
TBA Club, New York
Under Radar, San Salvador
U Street Music Hall, Washington, D.C.
Warehouse, Washington, D.C.
We Are Museums
Will Eastman, Washington, D.C.  
Ziegelsaal im Docks, Hamburg
9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.  
We Are Museums, Berlin
Client Testimonial
“Alina can easily think her way into the individual needs of the customer, without giving up her own unique fingerprint. She is quick und reliable in the execution.”
Thomas Koch/ Dj T.
Dj, Producer
Co-founder A&R Get Physical and Kindish
Former Founder, Publisher & Editor at GROOVE-Magazin
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Let's create a strong brand for your event.

Create an event that will engage your audience, inspire your team and persuade your sponsors.

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