Graphic and Web Design for Art and Cultural Events

Wow your sponsors, team and attendees.

I help organisers of art and cultural events create unforgettable live and online experiences. I design playful visual identities, quirky websites and bold promotional media.

Brand image is essential for your event’s success.

Are you concerned about:
  • Your branding and website looking outdated
  • Not attracting a new audience to your event
  • Not inspiring your team and sponsors
  • Not selling enough event tickets

All eyes on your event.

Whether you are planning a live or online event, I am here to help you craft a solid and consistent event identity and website.

Event branding that will help you:
  • Increase your event brand awareness
  • Get your sponsors to support your event
  • Increase event attendance and engagement
About me

I help event planners attract audiences from all over the world.

I am Alina, an independent designer based in Berlin.

I combine traditional graphic design with illustration, collages and digital art, creating eye catching event branding and engaging websites, so you can inspire more people from all around the world for your upcoming event.

My client list includes Goethe-Insitute, We Are Museums, Climate-KIC, Marvol Gallery, Bullitt Agency, Audiolith Music Label, and many more.

My goal is to help you create the most engaging, complete experience for your audience.

More about me
Client Testimonial
“Visual identity, which inspired millions of students worldwide.”

“Alina conceived and executed graphic design for the Internationale German Language Olympiade 2020 in a highly professional manner. She managed to create innovative designs, while still following the clients requirements and brand guidelines. She successfully gave IDO a visual identity, which inspired millions of students worldwide for the event.”

Eduard Arnhold
Project Manager, IDO 2020

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