Internationale Deutscholympiade 2020

Marketing Media Design, Print
Internationale Deutscholympiade is the world’s largest German-language contest, organised by Goethe-Institut every two years. More than 160 students from over 60 countries fly to Germany to take part in the competition. The competition runs for several days, with additional activities that bring participants to a closer understanding of German culture.


Goethe-Institut is a cultural organisation with 159 institutes worldwide. The three areas of work (language, culture, and libraries) focus on promoting the German language abroad. The institute also picks up trends in Germany and promotes international cultural cooperation in the field of film, dance, music, theatre, exhibitions, and literature, through cultural events and festivals.


Attract sponsors, inspire students.

Goethe-Institute invited me to design the event media for IDO 2020. The goal of the campaign was to attract sponsors and inspire students from all over the world to participate.

The slogan “Dabei Sein!” (or “Be there!”) is the centrepiece of the campaign, inviting the participants to visit Dresden and take part in this cultural event.

At the beginning of the project, I have traveled to Dresden to take photos of the city’s main sights and get a better impression of the event’s location. Later on, I’ve arranged the images in a colorful collage for the key visual.

Campaign poster for the Internationale Deutscholympiade event, by Alina Holtmann.
Important Criteria

Values, conformity, quality.

Such as:
  • representing the values of Goethe-Institut
  • representing the values of Internationale Deutscholympiade
  • corporate design conformity
  • understanding of the international target group
  • referencing to Dresden
  • sustainable production of promotional items
  • high quality of the digital and print media
  • finding most cost-efficient production offering
  • a maximum of three producers for the 40 media items
  • right to reproduction and distribution in large quantities
The Process

Series of playful explorations.

Arriving at the final design was not instantaneous. We went through a series of playful explorations. The work consisted of photo collages and graphical elements. In the end, we decided to keep the language consistent with the prior two IDO events, to keep the event's identity strong and instantly recognisable.

Process posters. Click to enlarge.

Making participants feel welcome

After we finalised the keyvisual I’ve created the rest of the marketing media, which included logo adaptation, t-shirts, tote bags, pen cases, pens, pins, stickers, posters, banners, beach flags, photo wall, awards, sign up forms, notebooks, press folders, invitation cards, web banners, social media posts and more.

I researched the most cost-efficient and sustainable printing solutions, communicated with the manufacturers and print shops and made sure that all of the designs look great online and printed.

We wanted to make the participants to feel invited and connected. We also wanted them to take the gifts with them to be reminded of the event for years to come.

Concert poster.

Inspiring students from all over the world.

Goethe-Institute invited more than 160 students from over 60 countries fly to Dresden to take part in the competition. The cultural event creates a space for the youth from five different continents to meet, get to know eachother and build friendships.

It was an honour to apply my design skills and contribute to such a wonderful event.

Client Testimonial
“Visual identity, which inspired millions of students worldwide.”

“Alina conceived and executed graphic design for the Internationale German Language Olympiade 2020 in a highly professional manner. She managed to create innovative designs, while still following the clients requirements and brand guidelines. She successfully gave IDO a visual identity, which inspired millions of students worldwide for the event.”

Eduard Arnhold
Project Manager, IDO 2020

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