Want to be more productive? Start by being lazy.

Why laziness is a good thing.

Do you that moment when you are working on something, you catch yourself doing a super mundane, repetitive task, and think to yourself "a 10 year old monkey could do this". Something like opening each .jpg separately in Photoshop and resizing it one by one. You know you could go on. And maybe if you are working for someone else, all you want to do is: kill time. So you listen to your podcast and keep opening images one by one.

If you work for yourself you can't afford this. You find the task tedious, you know it's not worth your time. This is a perfect moment to pause and be lazy! Google "how can I do this task with least effort". Within a minute you will see, that there is a tool, there is a template, there is an automated action you can use in Photoshop that will do the job for you. Always look for ways for something to do the job for you.

Because as a solopreneur you are already wearing multiple hats. You know it. What can you out source? You also know it. It's when this "I really should not be doing this" feeling kicks in.

Yesterday I was putting together my course about "Sales and Marketing for Creative Professionals". I thought "now I'll sit down and create a Keynote template from scratch!". What a waste of time. I knew it as soon as I started. So.. I googled "Keynote templates" and hallelujah! thousands to chose from! In fact I got thousands to chose from for $30. Imagine I would spend the whole day creating a template..

Follow your laziness.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for my "Sales and Marketing for Creative Professionals" course.

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