Set up your print on demand shop in 5 easy steps.

Set up your print on demand shop in 5 easy steps.

1. Select a print on demand provider.

I've looked closely at Printful and Gelato. I've ordered a sample from Printful and it took about 10 days to arrive and the quality is really good. Gelato offers way more options for materials. Paper, aluminum, wood, canvas etc. Price is also slightly lower. I will see how long will the shipping take, but most likely will go with Gelato, since I want my artwork to be printed on various materials.

From my research though, it looks like Printful is better for apparel. Since I am also planning to sell t-shirts I might go with them for that.

2. Make a selection of your art and create mockups.

Select 1 artwork and create mockups. You can download cool mockups on Creative Market. Just search "poster mockups".

3. Write about text and product info.

Tell us about your art. Who is it great for? Which type of interiors? What is it inspired by? Also give us info about paper, delivery time, sizes you offer (preferably in cm and inches).

4. Upload your art to your print on demand shop.

Open a (in my case) Gelato shop, upload your art there, with all of the relevant info. Order a sample to double check the delivery time and the quality of the print. If you are satistied, upload the rest of your art to that shop.

5. Link your print on demand to the platform where you want to sell your art.

Link Gelato to Shopify or Etsy (or any other online shop platform of your choice).

Bonus tip:

For pricing, see what the competition is selling their stuff for. See what you are comfortable with. Are you planning to sell unlimited prints? Or will they all be limited edition?

To find out specific strategies of how to promote and market your art, once it's online: YouTube and Google. There are tons of blogs, forums, videos, and free tutorials that teach you this stuff.

Good luck and I can't wait to see your art online!

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