SEO Basics for Creatives

How to Increase Website Traffic

No matter what business, or what creative business you are in, a website optimized for the search engines— can bring in new clients and keep your existing clients engaged.

Número Uno: Blogging

The blog is not dead. Blogging on a regular basis is the best SEO you can get. The more content you add to your site, the more relevant it becomes with Google.

Graphic Designer Blogging about Arts and Culture.
Graphic Designer Blogging about Arts and Culture.

Número Dos: Why Text Matters

You know that fancy word "copy", that we often use as a replacement for text? Well it's not. Copy is: words that sell. The words you use on your site should describe what your website offers, so Google (or Archie or WebCrawler :)) knows how to categorise it. So when someone searches "Graphic and Web Design for Art and Cultural Events", it is imperative that your site uses these words.

Número Tres: Keywords— The Heart of Your SEO

"Graphic designer and web designer, designed designs for a well designed event." You get the point. Whatever your business is about tell the big G about it, a lot. If you are targeting a local audience, make sure to say that too. But don't overdo it.

Número Cuatro: Page Title

Each page has a title. Like "Home", "About" etc. So apparently: no bueno. You should include a brief description for each web page. Instead of it should be something like that. But oh well...

Número Cinco: Title Those Photos

Multiple opportunities here:

  • All images have "alt tags", a place where you can include a description of the image: use it.
  • Caption below the photo: do it. Visitors love reading those.
  • Actual file name. Don't actually leave newfinalestfinalforsure.jpg Something descriptive would be, good. Something like poster-design-cultural-event.png

Número Seis: Anchored Links

Write a guest article for a popular. high-traffic site and include a hyperlink to your website under your name. Something like Check Out Graphic and Web Design by Alina Holtmann (I think :) and link it to your site.

Número Ocho: Headline Tags

If you ever saw <h1>, <h2>, <h3> looking things: this is what we are talking about here. Make sure your web designer uses them properly. The best headlines will match the most common relevant search queries.

Número Nueve: Patience

The longer your website is in it's existence the better for SEO. Your sites standing will improve over time.

Número Dies: Broken Links

If you feature links to other websites, be sure to periodically verify that they are working. Big G doesn't like it when things are broken.

Número.. oh god why did I start with the Spanish numbers... Once: Update Your Site Often

Update your website content on regular basis. The easiest way to do it is through a blog. But you can also add articles, news, videos, and other content.


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Info from "Own Your Niche" by Stephanie Chandler

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